About Us

How it All Began...

The story of Honeycomb begins with a broken cell phone screen.  Looking for an easy way to have the device repaired, Honeycomb’s founder, D’Arcy Young,  found a mobile device repair business and they came to his home to fix the phone.  Totally satisfied with the service, D’Arcy asked the provider if they offered the same service to buildings or corporate campuses?  The answer was “yes” but not in any formal fashion.  Thinking that this would be a great amenity for an office building to offer to tenants, he approached some building owners he knew to see if they would be interested in providing the service to their tenants.  The answer was a resounding “yes” but when D’Arcy asked them how they would promote the service within the building, the answer was – send an email to the office managers.  That is when the light turned on.

The realization being that office building owners and managers do not have a direct relationship with the users of their buildings.  But how could this be?  There are many answers to that question but when you boil it down the answer lies in the fact there has been no need to develop that relationship.  That is also when D’Arcy realized that there was an opportunity.  The opportunity being to change the the value a building provides to its tenants from one that is solely focused on the physical attributes to one that is focused on the experience, ease of use and leverages the buying power of a building.  That idea became Honeycomb.

A little About Who We Are...

D'Arcy Young - Founder

D'Arcy has a long history of entrepreneurial activities both within corporations and as an independent investor/operator.  Most recently, he founded Residential Recovery Partners, prior to RRP he was co-founder of Quadrant Capital Partners and before that he was co-founder/president/board member of Metapa (aka Greenplum).

Lyssa Orchid - Community Developemt

Lyssa has spent many years curating events and developing communities either though her marketing efforts at iFilm or founding/leading a community outreach program focused on environmental issues in South Carolina or lastly building and leading a team of 700 sales people at India Hicks.

Matt Nick - CTO

Matt developed his coding skills at a very early age and has continued mastering his craft through high school as a part-time coder, in college while receiving his Masters in Electrical Engineering,  while in the Army as a drone pilot and finally as an entrepreneur developing work order management systems for custom field applications.