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About Us


What We Do

Honeycomb is a communications and information platform for class A office buildings.  The platform acts as the nexus for building related information and provides a one-to-one branded interaction with building users.  The platform has the transformative power to turn a physical structure into a thriving community by supporting your customers with technology and delivering value through services.

Our Story

The idea for Honeycomb came from the realization that owners and managers of office buildings had limited means to provide value to their customers beyond physical amenities.  Expectations of tenants are changing and they require more value than physical space and parking.  Tenants want ease of use, services, and a real customer experience.

Meet the Team

We at Honeycomb are obsessive about creating experiences far beyond our customers’ expectations.

D’Arcy Young

Founder & CEO

Founder or co-founder of six businesses in three industries: film/new media (Miramax), enterprise software (Metapa – aka Greenplum), and commercial real estate (Quadrant/Residential Recovery).

Lyssa Orchid

Head of Engagement

Developed the marketing and customer experience for three previous companies including iFilm and India Hicks 

Jonathan Nick


Has developed a multitude of technology platforms from the ground up.  He started programming professionally at sixteen, joined the military and then became an entrepreneur.


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